Contact Info

Finance Chair: Courtney Branch  (

Controller: Kaitlin Bembenek  (

RFP Deadline

The RFP deadline in order to get paid the following week is Thursday 5:30PM to the folder on the Senate office door in the Gustie Den.

Finance templates

Here you can find all the information and documents to put together your groups budget and submit that information to the Senate.

These Finance Guidelines are the rules that the Finance Committee follows in order to give out the Student Government Fee in a fair manner. It is extremely important that your organization read and understand these guidelines.

The Mid-Year Template is used for whenever your organization desires to request money from the Student Senate. Mid-Year Requests can happen from October to April. All you need to do is fill out the template and send it as an attachment to the Student Senate Finance Chair.

The Yearly Budget Templates are used for every Spring Budgeting Process. Use these templates to create a budget for you organization for the 2012-2013 Academic School Year. It is VITAL that you fill it out correctly.

The guide to budgeting is a short document that will walk you through how to get your organization money, how to spend your organization’s money, and how to check your organization’s current Student Senate funds.

Current allocations

The Student Senate Finance Committee posts budgets for all Student Organizations to this page. All budgets will be updated as necessary. For simplicity, we have condensed all budgets into a single Excel workbook; the workbook contains both a summary page as well as more detailed information for each organization on individual spreadsheets.

  • Contingency – School Year 2014-2015 (as of March 26, 2015)
      The Contingency Fund is a single Excel workbook that has every organizations most up-to-date budget. Our Student Senate Controller updates the contingency fund on a weekly basis. Click here to figure out what your budget looks like.
  • Midyear Allocations 2014-2015 (as of March 26, 2015)