Student Senate forms a number of committees. Students-at-large can take part in a number of these committees as well. If you have any questions, please contact the chair of the committee listed below.

Academic and Student Affairs

Committee devoted to the academic and student endeavors of the students of Gustavus. Focuses on academic issues such as the honor code as well as student affairs such as the new printing policy at Gustavus.

  • Chair: Tram Nguyen
  • Senator Braun
  • Senator Concepcion
  • Senator Hadiyanis
  • Senator Pham
  • Senator Seyoum


The committee focuses on fostering connections between leadership on campus and creating opportunities for interpersonal connections. This committee hopes to strengthen opportunities for alumni and senate body engagement for all students on campus.

  • Chair: 


The goal of the Diversity Development Committee is to assist the (DLC with the needs of their groups. We act as the liaison between the DLC and Senate to make sure that finance guidelines are understandable, PR needs are taken care of, that senate participates in DLC events when necessary, and that basic questions are answered about student senate.

  • Chair: Miki Mir
  • Senator Allen
  • Senator Asghar
  • Senator Wicklund


The primary purpose of the ethics committee is to see that the operations of Senate are carried out in an ethical manner in accordance with this Constitution, its by-laws, and College Policy. All Ethics Committee meetings shall be closed and all actions require the consent of a majority of the Committee’s membership.

  • Chair: Michael O’Neil
  • Speaker Asghar
  • Senator Wicklund


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to allocate the student government fee to student groups in their pursuit of quality activities and events that provide enrichment not only for themselves, but also, for the entire college community. Any member of Senate may attend Finance Committee meetings but the meetings shall be closed to the general public. The Finance Committee reviews all student organization budget requests and forward them to the full Senate with a recommendation.

  • Chair: Jack Keeley
  • Senator Allen
  • Senator Fonder
  • Senator Lang
  • Senator Young

Health and Housing

The Health and Housing Committee works with various campus offices, such as Residential Life, Dining Services, and Health Services, to address student needs that fall under the Health and Housing category.

  • Chair: Viet Ha Nguyen
  • Senator Braun
  • Senator Pham
  • Senator Seyoum

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee’s goal is to facilitate communication between Student Senate and the students we represent. We keep students informed through regular projects, such as the display case outside of the cafeteria and the monthly publication of The Schitter Chatter as well as additional projects as they come up.

  • Chair: Samantha Harbeck
  • Senator Abby Anderson
  • Senator Conception
  • Senator Hadjiyanis
  • Senator Schugel


The Technology committee is involved with all things tech happening around campus. From WiFi to websites and everything technological in-between, this committee works to address student concerns about the state of technology across campus.

  • Chair: Monika Pham
  • Senator Abby Anderson
  • Senator Schugel
  • Senator Steinwand