Meet Your Senators

Make yourself heard

Thank you for taking the initiative to contact us. As always, we want to hear your opinions and ideas regarding our performance and programming here at Gustavus. All Senate members are listed below, along with their Gustavus e-mail address and respective positions. Feel free to contact any of these individuals.

Office hours are listed as well. Each hall and class representative holds their meeting each week at the times and locations listed below.

Check your senator’s attendance here

Name E-mail Position
Sam Panzer Co-President
Bobby Rasmussen Co-President
Cabinet Members
Name E-mail Position
 Hubert Ngabirano Administrative Director
Diana Mueller Technology Director
Derek Schmitz Finance Director
Alex Johnson Controller
Solveig Svendsen Ombudsperson
Carter Gunnigle Parliamentarian
Halie Ostberg Academic and Student Affairs Chair
Audi Dickey Health and Housing Chair
Herchran Singh Diversity Chair
Abbie Swenson Public Relations Chair
Class Reps
Name E-mail Position Office Hours
 Delaney Sweet  Class of 2016 10/12/15 @ 5-7pm
 Sean Hinnenkamp  Class of 2017 12/07/15 @ 5-6pm

11/23/15 @ 5-6pm

 Emily Roose  Class of 2018 11/23/15 @ 5-7pm
 Quinn Andersen  Class of 2019 10/19/15 @ 6-7pm

12/14/15 @ 6-7pm

 Mahmoud Abu Eid  International 10/19/15 @ 6-7pm

11/23/15 @ 6-7pm

Residence Hall Reps
Name E-mail Position Office Hours
 Sergio Huerta Arbor View  11/09/15 @ 5-7pm
 Alex Luing Chapel View  11/10/15 @ 11:30-1:30pm
 Andrew Gladitsch College View 11/09/15 @ 6-7pm

11/16/15 @ 6-7pm

 Joe Cella Complex 11/02/15 @ 5-7pm
 Liz Toeben Complex 11/23/15 @ 6-7pm

11/30/15 @ 6-7pm

 Syed Shah International Center
 Cristhian Martinez Norelius Hall 11/19/15 @ 5-6pm

11/02/15 @ 5-6pm

 Kylie Lamberty Norelius Hall 11/09/15 @ 6-7pm

11/30/15 @ 6-7pm

 Ben Miller Off-Campus 11/16/15 @ 5-7pm
 Mitch Ryks Off-Campus  TBA
 Elias Antes Pittman Hall 10/12/15 @ 6-7pm

10/19/15 @ 5-6pm

 Mason Stolt Prairie View 12/7/15 @ 6-7pm

12/14/15 @ 6-7pm

 Emmett Haberman Rundstrom Hall  11/10/15 @ 5-7pm
 Brandon Muganga Sohre Hall 10/19/15 @ 5-6pm

12/7/15 @ 5-6pm

 Brandon Dix Southwest Hall 11/02/15 @ 5-7pm
 Sammy Jagler Uhler Hall  11/10/15 @ 5-7pm