Meet Your Senators

Make yourself heard

Thank you for taking the initiative to contact us. As always, we want to hear your opinions and ideas regarding our performance and programming here at Gustavus. All Senate members are listed below, along with their Gustavus e-mail address and respective positions. Feel free to contact any of these individuals.

Tabling hours are listed as well. Each hall and class representative tables outside of the Campus Center Dining Room twice per semester.

Check your senator’s attendance¬†here.

Name E-mail Position
Monali Bhakta Co-President
Karrie Villareal Co-President
Cabinet Members
Name E-mail Position
Nancy Sanchez Administrative Director
Ben Menke Technology Director
Suyash Gupta Finance Director
Alex Johnson Controller
Evelyn Doran Ombudsperson
Chelsea Boyden Parliamentarian
Joy Dunna Student and Academic Affairs Chair
Brendon Carlson-Sather Health and Housing Chair
Brittney Johnson Inclusive Excellence Chair
Kaitlyn Gruber Public Relations Chair
Quincy Yangh Environmental Sustainability Chair
Owen Ellingson Speaker


Class Reps
Name E-mail Position Tabling Hours
Owen Ellingson Class of 2020
Ellie Croonquist Class of 2021 10/14, 6-7
11/18, 6-7
Regina Olono Class of 2022
Annalise Schaaf Class of 2023 10/28, 6-7
12/09, 6-7


Residence Hall Reps
Name E-mail Position Tabling Hours
Vacant Arbor View
Vacant Chapel View
Maryn Cella College View 10/07, 6-7
11/25, 6-7
Alma Jorgenson Complex 11/18, 5-6
11/25, 6-7
Vacant Complex
David Warner International Center 10/30, 5-6
Amy Haney Norelius Hall 10/07, 5-6
12/02, 5-6
Eric Johnson Norelius Hall 11/04, 6-7
11/11, 6-7
Clifford McDonald Off-Campus 09/30, 6-7
12/02, 6-7
Grant Hietpas Pittman Hall 10/28, 5-6
11/04, 5-6
Jared Zaun Prairie View 10/07, 5-6
11/04, 5-6
Vacant Rundstrom Hall
Birgen Nelson Sohre Hall 09/30, 6-7
12/02, 6-7
Carl-Erik Young Southwest Hall 11/11, 6-7
12/09, 5-6
Paige Patterson Uhler Hall 10/14, 6-7
11/18, 6-7
International Rep
Name E-mail Tabling Hours
Aimen Zara 10/28, 6-7
11/25, 5-6