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Student Senate Logo

Student Senate Logo

The Gustavus Student Senate works hard each week to hear and address concerns from our fellow students. Our goal is to provide a gateway for communication between students and the administration and to promote an active and vibrant campus. Our representatives bring different perspectives on the best ways to collaborate with faculty and solve current student issues.

Senate is responsible for funding all student organizations on campus along with supporting and developing initiatives that improve the Gustavus experience. Some recent Student Senate initiatives include: 

Student Senate Resources:

  • To contact your current representatives, visit Meet Your Senators.
  • To share an idea, concern, or perspective that you would like to share with the Student Senate, visit Community Comment.
  • To receive funds for a Gustavus student organization, visit Finance.
  • If you are a part of a Student Senate funded student organization and have spent some of your allocated funds, visit RFP Information to find out how to request reimbursement.
  • To learn about what committees are at work within the Student Senate and what their roles are, visit Committees.
  • To see the Student Senate’s Constitution and By-laws, visit Constitution and By-laws.
  • To find out more about what the Student Senate is currently doing, visit Minutes to read our meeting minutes or listen to recordings of our meetings.

Student Senate Meetings:

Full Student Senate meetings are held every Monday at 7pm in Beck 301. Please contact Administrative Director Lesch (micahlesch@gustavus.edu) for more information about Senate meetings. We encourage students, faculty, and other members of the Gustavus community to attend any of our meetings throughout the school year.

Becoming a Representative:

Serving as a representative on the Student Senate provides an excellent opportunity to serve the Gustavus community and to advocate on behalf of your peers.  If you are interested in becoming a representative, please visit Meet Your Senators to see what positions are available. Also, feel free to reach out to Administrative Director Lesch(micahlesch@gustavus.edu) to learn about other ways you can get involved in the Student Senate!