RFP Information

RFP Process:

  1. Fill out info on this RFP document
  2. Original receipts must be included with the RFP when you turn it in – if it was an online order, include an order confirmation email or print out of order receipt with the RFP 
  3. Advisor approval is also required – either send your RFP and receipts to your advisor to provide an approval email or take the RFP to your advisor to sign before turning it in
  4. RFP, receipts, and advisor approval must be turned into the clear wall cubby outside of the Student Senate office door in the Gustie Den
  5. The Finance Committee will turn in RFPs to the Finance Office on Mondays where your reimbursements will be processed and sent out to you

For more detailed requirements, view RFP Guidelines.


How do I fill out an RFP?

To fill out an RFP, you will need the following:

  • The name of who is being paid
  • A detailed description of what the funds are being used/reimbursed for
  • How the payee wants to receive their reimbursement
  • The amount
  • The name of the student organization requesting funds
  • And an advisor signature/approval

How/when will I receive my reimbursement?

Every Monday, we turn in the RFPs we receive to the finance office. They are then in charge of getting your reimbursement back to you, which is usually sent out on that Friday. Checks are either found in your campus P.O. boxes, mailed to the recipient, or are often sent out through direct deposit if the college has that information for student employment.

How do I request more funds?

To receive more funds than what your budget was originally approved for, or if you are a new organization wishing to receive student senate funding, you will need to fill out a Mid-Year Budget Request survey found here. After you submit your request, it must be approved by the finance committee and voted on by Student Senate in order for you to receive your funds.

Can I use funds to buy food for organization/club meetings?

Student Senate does not fund food for regular meetings. However, Senate will fund food given out at events that are open to the entire campus. For more information on what Student Senate is able to fund, you can look at the by-laws here.