Student Senate Press Release 3/1/2010 Posted on March 4th, 2010 by


1 MARCH 2010

CO-PRESIDENT ELECTIONS- The Student Senate would like to offer congratulations to Emily Thayer and Sean Tessmer for their victory in the elections. In addition to electing new co-presidents, the student body voted “yes” to all of the proposed constitutional amendments.

ROCK-A-THON- Student Senate has organized a Rock-A-Thon Committee to organize a fun way to give back to the student body. Our hopes are that it will be held outside sometime in later spring.

LIMITED IMMUNITY- Deirdre Rosenfeld came to Student Senate for a discussion on our thoughts on the Limited Immunity Policy. The conversation mostly centered around the clarity of the wording of the policy, so that there would be no confusion when students were reading it.

DIVE PROJECT- The Student Senate has proposed a change/renovation to The Dive area that would enable alcoholic beverages to be served. The proposition is still in the early stages of development and logistics must still be worked out. Student Senateʼs main goal with this project is to give students and faculty a relaxed atmosphere where they can interact outside of the classroom.


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