Constitutional Amendment Referendum Information Posted on May 1st, 2022 by

On Monday, April 18th the Student Senate approved a student body referendum to introduce a new Constitution for the Student Senate.

This includes many changes to the previous one, these changes include:

  1. Currently, all Cabinet positions are appointed by the Co-Presidents Elect. In the new Constitution the Co-Presidents Elect will only appoint the Administrative Director, Parliamentarian, Finance Director, Controller, Technology Director, and Public Relations Director. All other Cabinet positions will be elected by their committees so that elected senators will have more influence in the Cabinet.
  2. The new Constitution would combine some committees together so that they can be more effective and have more committee members. The committees will include:
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Ethics
    • Finance
    • Health and Housing
    • Inclusive Excellence
    • Public Relations
    • Student and Academic Affairs
  3. The new Constitution would allow 2 Senators to Represent each class instead of 1 per class.
  4. Delegate positions for Student Athletes and Students in the Arts will be introduced. This position will be appointed by the Co-President Elect.

On Monday, May 2nd there will be a referendum election to vote for or against the adoption of this Constitution.

Click here to view the updated constitution.


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