Acts of Bias and Their Contribution to a Hostile Campus Climate

Posted on March 17th, 2014 by

Submitted to: Gustavus Adolphus College Community
Subject: Acts of Bias and Their Contribution to a Hostile Campus Climate

WHEREAS, On Friday, February 28th, an act of bias was committed by a Gustavus student at an off-campus event;

WHEREAS, this is not an isolated incident, and the College is not immune from prejudice and bias that plagues our entire nation;

WHEREAS, there is a progressive way to interact cross-culturally and build community, and ignorance of these methods is not an excuse for cultural apathy;

WHEREAS, cultural exchange features a desire for understanding, a recognition of equality, and mutual respect and promotes dialogue, empathy, and community;

WHEREAS, actions that rely on simplifying a culture to use as a punchline or costume relies on and promotes stereotypes, continued discrimination and marginalization of that culture;

WHEREAS, these actions silence members of our community by creating a cultural hierarchy where some members’ identities are no longer legitimate and equality is impossible;

WHEREAS, these actions, whether verbal, nonverbal, or written, are threatening, harassing, intimidating, and discriminatory and are considered acts of bias that substantially contribute to a hostile campus climate;

WHEREAS, these actions directly impact students by creating a hostile environment, where some students are isolated and deprived of full membership in the College community, which hinders academic progress and success;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, a safe campus environment, where all students have respect and appreciation for the identity of every member of the College community, is essential for the College to achieve its mission of Justice, Community, Excellence, Service and Faith;

LET IT BE RESOLVED, the students of this college will not tolerate the silencing of entire communities nor the perpetuation of cultural apathy and insensitivity;

LET IT BE RESOLVED, the students of this college will stand up against acts of bias and encourage students to file a complaint with the Dean of Students Office or contact a Harassment Advisor in the event of an act of bias or hate crime;

LET IT BE RESOLVED, Gustavus Adolphus College Student Senate is committed to working with students, student organizations, faculty, staff, and College officials to advocate for a safe community ensuring that students are able to express their cultural identities without fear.


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