Senate Finance Guidelines Updated

Posted on February 8th, 2010 by

On Monday, February 8, 2010, Student Senate discussed and approved several changes/additions to the Finance Guidelines.  These changes are shown below.  We will have an updated version of the Senate By-Laws/Finance Guidelines PDF on the website as soon as possible.

  • Add: Student Senate will not fund direct monetary or material charitable contributions.
  • Add: Student Senate will not allocate funds for non-designated Bookmark charges.
  • Add: Section 4: Block Allocations
    • Groups receiving block allocations which re-allocate Student Senate funds to other student organizations must have a copy of their allocating guidelines on file with Student Senate.
    • Groups receiving money from block allocations do so with the knowledge that they cannot come to Student Senate for budget requests. They must do so through the group controlling their specific block.
    • If a student organization with a block allocation requests mid-year funding, it must show the Finance Committee its current budget breakdown and invoices cataloging all expenses relating to Student Senate allocations on request.
  • Modify: If an organization fails to comply with the requirements of to hold open social events (Section 1, Subsection 3 of the Finance Guidelines), the Finance Chair will recommend at the next full Senate meeting that the organization’s Senate allocation be frozen for a duration determined by the floor.

There were also several instances where “Student” was added in front of the word “Senate” for consistency.


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